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Kashmir- The Paradise on Earth
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Travelling is indeed a very amazing way of increasing one’s knowledge ultimately makes the person prosper in their life. The India is indeed incredible in true sense; here one will find the diverse natural resources like Beautiful Himalayas, evergreen jungles, the Great Indian Desert, the pristine beaches of Indian Peninsula.

The State of Kashmir Located on the Northern Most Part of Republic of India. It is rightly known as the angler paradise and one the most amazingly beautiful place in the world. The Kashmir tour is the favorite destination among the tourists from all over the world. The place is a treat to eyes and best place to experience the nature. The beauty of Kashmir was once described by the Emperor Jahangir as Agar Firdaws ba roy-i-zamin ast, hamin ast-u, hamin ast-u, hamin-ast.” This Mean that “If there is a Paradise on Earth, it is this, it is this, it is this.”

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The Kashmir is very much in demand among the nature lovers specially the trekking Enthusiasts, Adventure Sports Lovers and the one who love the Para sailing and Skiing. Beautiful Kashmiri villages with colorful rooftops & traditional wooden houses can be seen along the way.  The Kashmir offers tourist resources of various kinds to everyone who visits this state.

Every year, the tourism department of Jammu and Kashmir organizes the Paragliding festival to encourage the Paragliding Enthusiast in the world. The Skii is also one of the thrilling Adventure activities for everyone; the main ingredient to qualify for a best ski resort is the presence of Lots of Snow of different textures along with the hospitable slopes. The Kashmir has both, the abundant supply of snow and huge mountains. Gumarg is one of the famous destination & top ranking Ski Resort in India.

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The Kashmir is the State which is holds various records like,

1.       The Khardung La Pass:- This one is said to be the Highest Motorable Road.

2.       The Nubra Valley:- The Cold desert where one can find the Double Humped Bactrian Camels.

The India is famous for its Film Industry. The Films which were shoot at Kashmir Valley are as under

  • 3 Idiots: The most critically acclaimed Film, the Climax Scene was filmed at Pangong Tso Lake. The lake situated in the State of Jammu and Kashmir, is indeed a very beautiful and sought after destination among the Tourists from all over the world. The film also depicts the road journey from Delhi to Leh via Shimla and Manali. The School which is depicted in the film is named “Druk White Lotus School”.

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  • Lakshya: The Film was based on the year 1999 Kargil wars. The film was basically shot on various locations in Kashmir. The Film depicts how the Indian Army successfully completed a Special Operation to get hold of a Mountain peak which was a Strategic Point based on the National Highway which Connects Leh with the Rest of India.

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  • Bhaag Milka Bhaag: The Biopic, based on the Life of Legendary Athlete Milkha Singh also famously known as “Flying Sikh”. The Scene where Milkha Singh was trained by his Coach to break world record is filmed at the Nubra Valley near Ladakh.

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