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Going on a fabulous holiday no longer remains a complex mission. Embarking on a terrific trip no longer remains a love’s labour. Flamingo cuts the chase short for you and how! Keeping the pace up with the modern times, Flamingo takes its trademark expertise, personalization and excellence on to the internet and turns itself in […]

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Christopher Columbus – Man Who Discovered United States Of America

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Columbus was born on 31st October 1451 in Italy (The Republic of Genoa), to the son of Domenico Colombo a middle class wool weaver. His mother name was Susanna Fontanarossa. He was having 3 brothers & 1 sister. On 1479, he got married with the beautiful lady Dona Felipa, unfortunate he lost his wife after his […]

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TOP 5 ways to remain TROUBLE-RESISTANT during your monsoon travel!

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Can you resist travelling when monsoon spins the best of its magic and makes the world look like a gorgeous miracle? Velvety green landscapes to soothe your senses; dense clouds to make the scene look fairytale-ish; rain drops to stir a moist aroma in the air; gushing waterfalls, rushing rivers and the roaring oceans – […]

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